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Although Right On started as late as 2021, its leaders and employees have many years of experience of headhunting and interim, a broad network and energy that never runs out. With the most skilled headhunters in the business, we make sure to deliver candidates with accuracy.

With Right On as your headhunting agency, we can guarantee that your candidate possesses the skills you are looking for.



Eva Weinefalk is a born entrepreneur. Already in her 20s she founded her first company and has since then had 4 successful company sales. In 1997, she entered the recruitment industry and once there, Eva remained for 20 years as CEO for both the company Svensk Mediarekrytering and later Human Search, a headhunting company and success story that Eva established in 11 countries. The companies not only gave her the Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 award, she has also had the privilege of sitting on several different boards and has been an ambassador for both 'Svenskt Näringsliv' and 'Tillväxtverket'.

Today, Eva runs a successful headhunting agency, sits on several boards and acts as an advisor and ambassador within several business networks. Few question that Eva is driven by growth. She loves to see her customers develop and always has the business in her focal point. She has an ability to quickly get acquainted with different business models and companies in various industries, which comes in handy when Right On is to find the right person for the right role. 

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All consultants at Right On have extensive experience in your industry. We have gathered the very best and most qualified headhunters according to our own measurements, because we know that a high level of competence is required to recruit the right competence. This means that we with great reliability can help you with the recruitment of specialists, engineers, and managers at the company.


Our consultants have previously held leading positions in the business world and have worked with headhunting for at least 10 years, and are therefore experts in, among other things, industry, civil engineering, infrastructure, energy, construction, and IT /Tech. Because our consultants themselves have been active in your field, they have a deep understanding of the candidate profile as well as have a very broad candidate network.  

With skilled headhunters who specialize in your industry, you can feel confident throughout the whole process.​​​

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