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Outplacement is an effective way to provide support and guidance for a dismissed employee. At Right On, we want your employees to have a smooth career transition and value protection and strengthening of the company brand throughout the process.

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Sometimes a reorganization of the company is inevitable. When this happens it's important to offer your employees support and guidance.

We provide customized outplacement solutions for when an employee can't or doesn't want to stay.

Do you need an outplacement solution?

We help your employees to move on with their career, whether it is one or several employees. Through coaching and guidance we provide customized solutions that emanates from the existing prerequisites and requirements of the individual. At Right On all of the coaches/consultants have over 10 years of experience of outplacement and will be with you during the whole process. Your employee is assigned one of our coaches and also has the entire Right On team searching for vacancies and new opportunities.  

How does it work?


Initial meeting and needs analysis

Firstly, all involved parties gather to lay the foundation for the outplacement process. We review what individual needs there are and present an initial action plan. You will be assigned a contact person/coach who will be with you throughout the journey.


Mapping of the current situation and future prospects

We develop a methodical strategy to be able to map the current situation of the participant. We review willingness, skills and what opportunities are available on the job market.


Coaching and guidance towards your new career

Together with the assigned coach, we work on getting the participant ready for a new position. We help in the creation of CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and guide the participant through career forums and candidate databases.

The contact person/coach is with the participant for 3 months.



Once the outplacement is complete, we make sure to follow up with the involved parties to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Consultants with extensive experience in successful coaching and guidance.

We help you find your new dream job!

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When is outplacement needed?

Outplacement is an efficient and cost-effective solution when an employee cannot, does not want to or is allowed to stay with the company for various reasons. This includes faulty recruitments, sudden illnesses, changed living situations, conflicts or external factors.

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Coaching to move on in your career

Major changes within the business can affect both the employee, the employer and other people at the company. Our experienced coaches make the change of work easy and motivating. We work hard and are committed to helping your employees finding new opportunities.  


Protect your brand

Outplacement does not only make it easier for the employee who's leaving the company. You're also able to preserve a strong employer and company brand for past, present and future employees. Together with our coaches, the end of the employment is turned into a rewarding experience that gives the participant new opportunities. 


Support all the way

When you start an outplacement process with us, support, coaching and guidance are included throughout the entire process. We are with the candidate for 3 months actively looking for jobs and new opportunities. We make sure to follow up with involved parties afterwards to guarantee quality.

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