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The industry's fastest and most accurate headhunting

At Right On, things go fast, really fast...

... but we never compromise on quality. We use qualified headhunters with long experience of competence-based recruitment because we know that a high level of competence is required to recruit the right competence.



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We are your personal headhunting agency that specializes in finding specialists for you.

What industry are you in?

Meet Eva Weinefalk,
CEO & Founder 

"In 1997 I started my first recruitment company. I have always had an interest in development and growth for both companies and individuals but it was not until now I got to express it. Five years later I continued my journey by starting up Human Search, a headhunting company that we managed to establish in 11 countries and later gave me the Entrepreneur of the Year award. The journey with Human Search did not only give me a large network and experience that I now bring with me to Right On, but also the understanding and humility of knowing that recruiting right is not always easy.  

For me, recruitment means so much more than simply finding a suitable candidate. It is about the personal meeting, putting the person at the center and creating understanding for all parties involved in order to be able to create the very best conditions for both the customer and the candidate. Inspired by the Human Search methodology and with the industry's leading recruiters, we create the best conditions for our customers to grow by finding the right skills for the right role. "

About Eva
  • Series entrepreneur

  • Ambassador for 'Svenskt näringsliv' och 'Tillväxtverket'.

  • Strategic advisor for the Swedish Marketing Association

  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.

  • Elected board member of several boards

  • Member of the competence panel at Connect.

What can we help you with?



We identify and locate candidates, and ensure that you employ the right skills. Whether you are looking for specialists or managerial and board positions, we guarantee quality.



There are many reasons why a company may need an interim manager. We make sure that your needs are met and you get a competent and experienced manager or specialist, regardless of whether it is a temporary replacement or a long-term solution.

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Sometimes a reorganization of the company is inevitable, which forces the employer and employee to go separate ways. We offer customized coaching and guidance to help your employees forward in their career.

With our efficient working methods and digital tools, we accurately match our customers' needs.

Contact us

Birger Jarlsgatan 18, 114 34 Stockholm  |  Phone: +46(0)70 890 03 39

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